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What we do. PRO Software is a software development company that specializes in providing custom solutions to businesses in various industries, including portable sanitation, medical, pharmaceutical, transportation, and logistics. Our team of accredited software engineers is powered by advanced machine learning to develop software that meets your business needs. Our services include Master Route Planning, CRM Building, Accounting Integrations, and more. We take pride in our roots, as our original Master Routing System for the sanitation industry served as the foundation for our company. Today, we work with some of the largest companies in the world, and our mission remains the same - to create dynamic technologies that help our clients maintain the highest levels of customer service while striving for customer satisfaction.

Where we come from. Vernon tells the story of his first company in sanitation, quick facts - to know

Where we're going. PRO Software is excited about the future. Right now, we're working with some of the largest logistics, transportation, healthcare, and satellite imagery companies in the world. 

While we look toward the future, we're striving to make sure all of our clients maintain the highest levels of customer service.

PRO Leadership

Company team

Vernon Hogan, CEO

As the Founder and Chief Visionary of PRO, Vernon is the creative mastermind driving the company's success. His expertise lies in the development of all PRO Software, Marketing, and Customer Experience strategies. With a focus on streamlining and automating ERP Software Systems, Vernon has been instrumental in increasing productivity for clients both within and outside the PRO industry. His visionary leadership has attracted high-profile clients such as Lyft, Kaiser Permanente, USS, Texas Outhouse, and many more.

Company team

Matt McClure, COO

As the Chief Operating Officer, Matt brings over two decades of experience as a senior executive in corporate sales and facilities operations to PRO Software. He is a recognized team motivator, and excels in communication and organization. Having worked in various industries at a managerial level, Matt is skilled at quickly evaluating a business's needs. His expertise in sales and management has been invaluable in helping PRO Software maintain excellent long-term relationships with its clients.

Company team

Diane Koontz,  Sr. Adviser

As a Senior Advisor to PRO Software, Diane Koontz brings a wealth of knowledge gained from her successful 24-year tenure as an executive in the health care sector. Her journey includes serving as the President of Managed Health Care Associates, Inc. (MHA), a top-tier group purchasing organization in the United States. In her expansive career, she has impacted all areas of GPO operations, from finance, sales, and operations, to reimbursement management, pharmacy network management, software development, and contract negotiations. Koontz's vast experience, particularly with alternate site health care provider markets, enabled her to establish an advanced network of solutions that catalyzed growth via innovative technology tools and an effective customer-service model. Her unique insights and proven leadership make her an invaluable asset to the PRO Software team.
Company team

denver riggleman, sr. ADVISOR

Denver Riggleman is a distinguished Senior Advisor at PRO Software, leveraging his extensive experience in national security and entrepreneurship. As a former United States Representative for Virginia's 5th congressional district, he provided key insights and leadership. Before his political career, Riggleman was an Air Force veteran whose expertise in national security extended to his tenure as an intelligence officer, notably contributing to mission planning during the bombing of Afghanistan in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks. In the realm of business, Riggleman manifested his entrepreneurial acumen as the founder of Silverback Distillery and as the CEO of Analyst Warehouse from 2007 to 2015, a company that partnered with the National Security Agency. His diverse and comprehensive background solidly positions him to provide strategic advice and direction in his current role.
Company team

Chris Galliano,  Sr.  Adviser

Chris Galliano is the Sr. Adviser at PRO Software, supporting the company's growing client base with his extensive experience and knowledge. With a career that includes serving as the Executive Officer of Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) and a Retired US Navy Commander, Chris brings unique insights to the team. He served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, and is best known for leading the US Navy's Datacenter Consolidation Program. Chris has also made significant contributions to the medical field, having created the world's most powerful Medical AI that is making breakthroughs in drug discovery and vaccine research.
Company team

Victor Jose Acosta Dominguez, CTO

Meet Victor, the Chief Technology Officer of PRO Software. With his extensive background and expertise in IT, he leads our team of developers in creating innovative solutions for our clients. Victor holds several certifications, including Red Hat Certified Engineer, Red Hat Certified System Administrator, Red Hat Certified Specialist in Gluster Storage Administration, Red Hat Certified - Virtualization, VMWare Certified Associate Data Center Virtualization, and VMWare Certified Professional Cloud Management and Automation 2021. His proficiency in these areas allows us to offer cutting-edge technologies to our clients and provide customized solutions to meet their unique needs. Victor is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology, ensuring that our software is always on the cutting-edge.

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