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Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

How Electric and Autonomous Vehicles are Transforming the Sanitation and Trash Industries in the United States

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Revolutionizing Routing and Logistics

AI and ML in the Sanitation and Trash Industries

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Real-time Route Optimization

Real-time Route Optimization and Dynamic Routing_Revolutionizing the Sanitation and Trash Industries

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The Role of Big Data

The Role of Big Data and IoT in Supply Chain Management

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Routing & Logistics

Plan routes, makes sure drivers are equipped to make schedules and manage payments

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Take charge of your company's financials! Build with the PRO Software app or integrate with other software.

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Protecting Your Data

Our experts specialize in data migration, and will help your business get on track with good data

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Digital Trends

Build your own custom website, powered by PRO Software, and link Directly to your CRM

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